A Time of Darkness

Part Two

The intrepid party travels uneventfully to the nearby lake, from which a long navigable river winds to the ocean. Upon locating a likely town they seek out a ship, eventually finding a suitable one in the S.S. Madison. Through hook and crook they maneuver the captain into taking them on board in service, where he plans to cavort with their mage and disguised changeling. Sadly, he awakens each morning not having remembered a thing about the previous nights exploits, but is convinced that they were legendary. This is largely due to the sleeping potion he is given by the “two” ladies.

They learn of a mysterious cargo onboard, which they initially cannot locate, but later learn is likely a large tribute or token of faith from one city to another.

Upon arriving in Neptazar, the major port of call encountered enroute downriver, they are intrigued by a magical curio shop. They enter a building larger inside than out, with a singularly peculiar proprietor, where they buy various situational and dubious magical items. The cash register is looted secretly for several gold and a strange wooden coin, carved with a mouth.

Outside, the group takes notice of mysterious items in a wagon and captured agents being escorted to the town government building. They pilfer a map from the cargo which highlights an incident with a caravan in a mainland location South, near their island destination of Gallway. In a bar room conversation they learn that a search is on for them from the seat of the Republic.

Downriver further yet, the adventurers decide to debark Madison and head for the caravan site due to a powerful sense of guilt from their warpriest, who feels it is connected to his actions on his journey in Part One. They tie the ship’s anchor to the docks in a novel underwater maneuver – only possible by a Warforged – to buy time to make the excursion.

The caravan is tracked from the map site, easily enough, to a small valley littered with old wagon debris… and the missing caravan, There are numerous bodies laying around, some possibly alive, and a shattered wagon. The group is attacked by were-serpents, whom they are able to defeat with some effort. They end the chapter resting and anticipating the search of the lost caravan, and hopefully aiding the survivors.



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