A Time of Darkness

Part, the Third

Having slayed the Weir-serpents, our intrepid adventurers search the caravan and discover two survivors – and heaping amounts of gore. Using magical and possibly necrotic arts, we learn from the gore that the caravan was set upon and searched roundly but the only thing they seemed to take was the beautiful (on the inside) daughter of the Duke of [place needed]. Her amulet seemed the most suspect material object and it’s wealth or it’s magic seemed the object of the weir-serpents antics.

Using his years of scholarly devotion and book knowledge, Janvier was able to discern a subtle 4-foot-wide swarth of trampled undergrowth that led away from the carnage suggesting that some of the weir-party has fled. The game was on.

[Matty’s Vampire] was able to scout ahead with the aid of his enormous hooters. For two miles, the party warily tracked the Weir to a suspicious grotto whereupon our changling shifted into an appropriate disguise and boldly entered. The Duke of [place] and his porcine steward guarded the entrance while the party followed. A great conflagration ensued and our party both triumphant and architecturally-savvy defeated the primal urges of our would-be snake sacrificers.

Rescuing a lovely (on the inside), 400-pound, bearded royal and her amulet revealed surprisingly little and even less magical but her father, the Duke of [place] was grateful none-the-less. The royals and their entourage accompanied the adventurers back to the scene-of-the-boat only to learn that they had no piers and alternate transport to Galloway would be needed.


As always well written, Thank you!

Part, the Third

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