A Time of Darkness

Part One

Upon starting the game, the party instantly finds itself in a large hexagonal room with six columns supporting a high and darkened dome… and a dragon!

They battle the hostile beast until it is well and fully bloodied, at which point it transforms into the legendary wizard, Claudius, who was last seen seventeen thousand years earlier. He uses an insidious relic, which hovers like two pyramids joined at their apexes and set counter-spinning. They learn that he is sealed in the lake of the capital of the Ever Realm, Aerthro.

They suddenly wake from a dream, each party member located in a distant corner of the Realm, with a compelling urge to seek the party in the capital. Six journeys converge on the seat of power and the party learns that they must reclaim six relics — one from each division of the republic.

Upon traveling outside of the city, they are accosted by a party of elves led by a striking and dangerous female. The newly formed adventurers exert their mettle with aplomb, and end by taking a well deserved rest. And a bit of loot.



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